Kraft paper

Kraft paper is a type of brown sheet made from wood pulp. Cellulose fibers of the tree are mechanically converted into polymers to form a pulp. It then loses its water under heavy mechanical rolls and forms sheets of paper. These sheets usually have a rough texture but it can be changed along

with its color and strength according to customer needs in the market during the production process.

Main types of kraft paper 

As mentioned, the changes that are made during the mechanical and chemical stages of the production of kraft paper cause this paper to have different types to be dedicated according to the needs of the market. 

Brown kraft paper 

This brown paper has an antique appearance. This kind of paper is used in kraft bags production, fruit packaging, gift paper, design office, etc. Kraft cardboard papers and boxes have the exact same material as kraft papers; they only differ in diameter from paper types. Kraft paper should not be confused with straw paper since these two are different in color, usage, price, etc.

White kraft paper

The higher the lignin amount of kraft paper gets, the darker its brown color gets. In the process of producing white kraft paper, not only its lignin is removed, but also bleach is added to it, its result will be a smooth and white kraft paper with high strength.

Black kraft paper

Unlike white paper, in the production process of black kraft paper, no lignin is separated from the paper and, only black color is added to it. Black kraft paper is thicker and rougher due to the high amount of lignin in it.

Colored kraft paper

Adding some natural or unnatural dye to the chemical process of paper production is the casual way to make Colored kraft paper. Colored kraft paper is produced in different types of oily, glossy, and matte.

Indian kraft paper

Indian kraft paper color is yellowish or buff, and it is thinner than other types of kraft paper. This paper''s application is to draw patterns in sewing or as wrapping paper for foods such as sandwiches or fruits and vegetables.

Ukrainian kraft paper

This paper has a dull color. Gardeners generally use them in the packaging of fruits and vegetables by gardeners. ·

Ordering kraft paper

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