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The clothing logo design is one of the main details in the clothing industry to which clothing companies should pay attention. Those clothing companies for which branding is significant goal pay special attention to this part of clothing production. Although clothing labels are a considerable part of sales and marketing, the important thing about them is that they must be affordable in clothing production.

Printing hang tags on each type of paper reflects the overall clothing style or the main style of these companies. For example, the use of Kraft paper or straw paper makes your product look professional. Due to its easy decomposition in nature, the nature-friendly policy of your company inspires the audience to buy your product with more trust.

Mostly, the fabric labels attached to the back of the collar, inside the shoes, or it''''s are sewed to the dolls.

What are custom fabric labels?

It is a small fabric on which the details of your company or production or personal details are printed with a unique design. Sometimes the detail which is printed on them includes simple items such as a trademark, logo, simple instructions for washing and caring for the clothes, or show the size of the clothes in numbers or letters like S, L, XL.

Usually, the logo labels are placed on the back of the collar, and the instruction labels are placed on the side seam. In addition to the high durability of the fabric, the printed label is also economical. Also, printing on the label does not disappear with frequent use and washing.

What are custom hang tags?

Custom hang-tags identify your product, distinguishes it from other products on the market, and describes all the features your product has. Your brand identity is the most valuable thing you should consider when designing your products.

Who are you? What do you do? What is your business ethic? Your logo along with the description of your brand, which is printed on the etiquette you chose for your products, can answer all these questions.

Without a trademark or hang tags, your products will not look as professional as it requires them to be. By using custom brands for your company, you will have visually professional products which contain high-quality. The custom brand will also help consumers to recognize your brand easier and, if satisfied, encourage them to become your regular customer in the future.

Order clothing printing

Toorang Printing Company, with a long and brilliant background in its printing career, produces and prints high-quality clothing labels and hang tags. Clothing label printing should be done professionally so that the color of the contents on the clothing label remains the same and not be erased when washing clothes. We try our best to offer the highest of qualities to the customer at a reasonable price and with the most attractive designs because our most important goal is to satisfy the customer.

Printed fabric brands are printed and produced in widths of 1 to 6.5 cm and in lengths of 3 to 10 cm. if you need any advice for knowing which size is suitable for your label, you can easily ask us on this page or contact us, and we''''ll answer you immediately.

It''''s essential to point out that the minimum number of orders for clothing labels or hang-tags is 2000.

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