Kraft bags

known as Kraft paper bags, are made of the same plain paper Kraft. These bags do not contain any dangerous chemicals or additives, do not have a specific taste or aroma; they are environmentally friendly and do not cause pollution. Kraft paper bags are available in two colors, white and brown.

Some companies put a layer of polypropylene to increase these bags resistance. They can also increase the Kraft paper layers up to 6 due to the buyer''''s needs.

Kraft bags have different sizes: like small and large and medium Kraft, and they are made in different shapes as well, such as Kraft bags with windows, Kraft bags with plain handles or punched handles, Ziplock Kraft paper bags, etc.

As for Kraft bags applications, we can use them to pack raw materials such as nuts, food, medicines. They are a perfect replacement for plastic bags in supermarkets, confectioneries, and other stores; they are also used as classic gift bags.

Now your biggest question may be: "Where can I buy Kraft bags"

In response, we must say that you can go to the Toorang Print store to order and buy Kraft paper bags with the best quality and the most economical price. The company uses high-tech machines to produce and distribute Kraft bags, gift bags, and "Kraft packaging" printing.

Applications of Kraft paper bags

These paper bags are used to pack a variety of nuts, fruits, sweets, beans and many other dry foods.

Main types of Kraft bags

Simple Kraft bag (without handle):

The upper part of this type of paper bag does not have a zipper and is open. These envelopes are produced in a wide variety of sizes.

Stand up Ziplock seal Kraft bags with clear window:

This window Kraft bag is suitable for packing nuts, beans, tea, coffee, and other dry ingredients. Its windows can be circular, located at each side or bottom of the bag. Toorang Company mainly produces and prints window Kraft bags and safely sends these orders worldwide.

Standing Kraft bag with window (transparent side bag):

This model of Kraft bag can be produced in both general and custom bags and is used for packaging all kinds of coffee, tea, nuts, and beans. The most significant purpose of using transparent cassette side bags in packaging is to see the contents inside the package in order to reassure your customers of your products.

Ziplock Kraft bag:

These kraft bags are one of the types of standing Kraft bags, which have a zipper on top of them, allowing the consumer to open and close the package effortlessly. It also prevents nuts, seeds, beans, etc. To be in direct contact with air and moisture. Zipped paper envelopes are available in plastic, windowed, metalized and printed, etc.

Laminate craft bag:

This paper bag is a waterproof package contain a laminated protective layer to prevent the entry and exit of water and oil. Laminated bags are suitable for packing nuts and food.

Kraft bag with handle (punch handle):

This type of Kraft paper bag is used as a paper handbag and also for advertising.

Kraft handbag:

This paper handbag, which is produced with Kraft paper, has a handle that makes this product a suitable choice for shopping bags, gift bags, promotional bags, etc. Kraft handbag is very high quality and durable and is sold in kilograms.

Buying these Kraft bags

Depending on your needs, you can buy a variety of simple Kraft bags, Standing Kraft bags with windows, Ziplock Kraft bags, Laminate craft bags, as well as paper Kraft bags with and without handles.

Ordering Printing on Kraft bags

If you need to buy a whole-sale purchase of raw paper kraft or packaging bags, you can choose the best product according to your needs, based on the list of products, and buy it at the best price.

If you need to print your packaging, you can contact the company''''''''s phones to order and inform the terms and prices of our products, or ask us your questions in our Whats-app messenger.

Our company, with the up-to-d printing machines, is capable of producing and printing on any variety of Kraft paper products such as handbags, promotional bags, fantasy bags, gift bags, etc.

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