Bedding Packaging

Each bedding packages that bedding companies use must not only protect bedding products such a blankets, bedspreads, pillows, etc. but also it should be designed to display the form and material of their product so that manufacturing companies can be sure that the products are best supplied to the customer and also the consumer has an acceptable shopping experience.

The quality of sewing, fabric, zipper, etc. is also very important because the packaging in the customer''''s first view represents the quality of the product, and any error in these cases indicates the
product is cheap and customers consider the quality of the original product visually low.


Bedding packaging types

The cover of the bedding packaging is classified according to size, and it can be divided into two categories; Which is as follows

Quilt cover:

In general, bedspreads, blankets, mattresses, sheets, etc. Are included in this subset. All of these products take up more space, which is why larger packages are designed for them.

Pillow cover

This package is suitable for all types of pillows and cushions which need a smaller cover.

Bedding packaging features

These covers are different according to the style of each company. Toorang Print bedding package cover for increasing the efficiency and with the help of the best designers produces these covers from two parts of transparent fabric and plastic. The fabric part helps the customer to understand the softness, and firmness of the product to an acceptable level, and the plastic part is placed to show the pillow or its fabric designs.

Toorang Zipper and handle Bedding package cover is designed as a handbag or large bag to facilitate transportation and packaging. Customers can also use these bags for a long time, which is one of the advertising goals of any package

One of the points that have been paid attention to in this covers production is the ability to print on it so that manufacturers can print the name, logo, and information they want on the packaging in any way.

Toorang Company has also taken into account that some businesses do not need printing, so it made sure that it has a clean design and high-quality nonwoven fabric that makes buying it for raw bedding package a suitable and economical choice for them.

Buying Custom Bedding package

Toorang Print Company, with more than twenty years of experience in the packaging and printing industry, provides you the best services and has designed this product suitable for all your needs as manufacturers. 

This handbag is produced in different dimensions and is used as a cover for quilts, pillows, pillows, mattresses, bedspreads, blankets, bedding sets, etc. You can buy any type of cover from our online shop.


You can print your desired design on the duvet and pillow cover in any way you want, and if you think you need any help in this area feel free to call our design team and ask for your desire information.

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