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One of the most significant and widely used advertising tools is the printing of shopping bags. These kinds of handbag provide a high level of advertising opportunities for employers, which sometimes they are referred to as chaperon billboards.


Not only these promotional bags are used to carry promotional gifts along with the provided catalogs and brochures, but also they can be used to place items purchased by the customer in them. These promotional bags are made of nano fabric which is one of its important features is that it won''t harm the environment. Also, they can be used several times and in all types of stores that offer portable goods to the customer, such as clothing stores, hypermarkets, etc.


Toorang print promotional bags

Toorang Printing Company is proud to be one of the specialized centers for producing all kinds of promotional handbags, including paper and fabric promotional bags. With its many years of experience and expert employees, while having accurate and high-quality printing machines, this company tries its best to come up with the expectations which its honorable customers have. and our great policy is to offer quality, elegant and suitable products for your needs at a reasonable price.


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