Headrest Cover

The headrest cover is made of non-woven fabrics. These fibers are preferably obliquely and substantially parallel to each other. These covers are made of high-quality plastic cover materials and can be easily attached to the device you want. 

The carrier companies pay additional attention to the details related to the vehicle interior design because it demonstrates the company''''s style and skill. The headrest is one of the most considerable parts of the said design that immediately attracts the passenger''''s attention after entering the vehicle. You can display your brand and company information perfectly and easily attract customer''''s attention by using the headrest covers. You can do it by printing your company brand name, logo, or the main symbol of your work on the headrest cover.

These covers are one of the most reasonable and convenient ways to advertise and show your company in your business field. Also, it reassures your customer of your particular concern in the importance of their safety and health.

• Why use a headrest cover

  1. Prevent the transmission of skin, hair, and contagious diseases to passengers
  2. Prevent expensive seats from getting dirty
  3. Advertisements of airlines
  4. Advertising of industrial and commercial companies, services, and types of products

• Where to use a headrest cover

Headrest covers usages are vast and diverse. They have different applications due to all kinds of chairs, for example:

  1. As for covering any airplane cabins headrest of all airlines
  2. As headrest cover for all types of trains, railways, and intercity buses
  3. As a headrest cover of all the chairs of conference halls, cinema halls, and theaters
  4. As for covering of the chair of various beauty and medical centers.

• How to order headrest covers

The headrest covers size should preferably be at least 325mm by 275mm. Its standard size should be 250mm by 400mm to match the advertising space. But in Toorang Print Company, you can order your desired size by phone or our site and receive it at the highest quality and reasonable price.

If you need your logo printed on your ordered headrest, our company as one of the active companies in this field can do it with high-tech machines and the highest qualities. We can assure you the best results and our successful resume and our customers consent are the best proof of showing this fact.

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