At the same time, efficient packaging can increase the storage time of perishable goods. In addition, the storage conditions determine the general layout of the packages. The packaging of each product should be different from the other product and it can be determined based on the design and size of the product; for example, tea packaging is way different than the packaging of salt or packaging of beans due to its different design, color, and size.

Types of packaging in terms of flexibility:

1. Inflexible or hard packing
2. Smart packaging
3. Flexible packaging

Types of packaging based on the purpose of product packaging:

1. Cardboard box
2. Flute boxes
3. Plastic boxes
4. Polyethylene bags
5. Foil bags

Customers today have more choices than ever before. As a result, they are reluctant to look at the descriptions and ingredients of each product to compare them. Instead, many customers pay attention to the brand and packaging of the products to decide on that product. Getting the right signs from products often encourages customers to buy them.
Packaging a product can add to its appeal when shopping and encourage the customer to use it. So you must be very careful in choosing the design and type of packaging of your product. According to research, product packaging can lead to more sales or product failure, do not be surprised! It''''s absolutely true.

The most significant features of a proper package:

 1. Achieving packaging goals with branding
2. Creativity
3. Convenience
4. The needs of retailers

Therefore, proper packaging of a product such as food packaging, salt packaging, tea packaging, rice packaging, and grain packaging can greatly reduce the potential risks during transportation from the place of production to reach the customer or Prevent pests and insects from entering the product. So paying attention to it is vital.

To order the product packaging, you must pay attention to the following points:

1- The box should have a suitable size.
2- It must be easy to use.
3- Be special and unique.
4- Represents the brand.
5- Have good quality material.
6- Have a suitable plan.

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