Spunbond nonwoven bags

These thin non-woven fabrics, so-called spun bonds, are composed of continuous filaments produced by an integrated fiber spinning, web formation, and bonding process. In recent years, non-woven fabrics such as spunbond have developed rapidly due to their excellent properties, diverse prices, and high efficiency.

One of its noticeable properties is that these fabrics are printable, the color will not be spread on them and, the desired design will be very accurate; this feature made these kind of fabrics a useful one for branding purposes while being one of the best options for packaging goods. It also possesses extraordinary tensile strength properties. They are thermobonded and have good air permeability so this option makes spunbond a suitable fabric for bags in which grains and nuts are packed and ready to be deliverd. Also, these bags have high resistance to low temperatures which is a vital property for their transportation goal.

It is noteworthy that no chemicals are used in the production of this type of spunbond fabric so they are totally healthy and storing their content would not damage them or turn them into a noxious substance at all. In that mather, regular uses of these bags include packaging for rice, wheat, flour, legumes, and other dry foods.

now lets answer some of the most popular questions among  people whom decided to either purchase the fabrics or the bags made of them.

  • Are spunbond fabrics waterproof?

Yes, these fabrics have waterproof properties. Spunbond bags have a primary waterproof layer with low-density polyethylene and high branching, which makes it more permeable to water and more resistant to high weights.

  • Is the spunbond fabric washable?

Yes, these spunbond bags are washable, but note that each company offers specific washing instructions due to structural changes no matter how minor they’d be. But in general, spunbond fabrics can be washed by hand in warm or hot water and hung to dry.

  • Is the spunbond eco friendly?

Since the fibers which Non-woven spunbond fabric is made of are not biodegradable, these bags are not biodegradable but, these non-woven spunbond fabrics can easily be recycled and reused so that makes these bags eco friendly and economical. Spunbond polypropylene fabrics do not harm the environment and are more environmentally friendly than plastic products.

Purchasing general and custom spunbond bags

In Toorang Print company, we try our best to produce the best kind of spunbond fabrics, along with delicate sewing to manufacture qualified bags which meet our dear customer’s expectations. By possessing the best and latest fabric printing machinery, we attentively print general or your costume designs on your ordered spunbags so that you can reach your goal of branding in best and easiest ways.

If you are looking for more information or, you just seek for an answer to your question you can get in touch with us by calling our office; but, for ordering these kind of bags you should checkout our onlineshope. If you want to make sure you are doing it right, our support team will always be here to guide you as best as they can.

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