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Business card is one of the most effective ways of promoting your brand name and cementing your public relations. Unlike the simplicity and common appearance of business card, it has been proven that business card leave a significant effect on customers. 
Designing the business card is another deal that can make the most impact on customers' mind and intention to purchase. So you need to make sure that your business card is designed, printed and published the most proper and suitable way that is fully-adapted with your goals and business. Fonts, size of paper, designs, layout, colors and structures that you use in your business card, are the elements that will affect your customer and so your business in long-run.
Learning about your audiences, is the first step you have to take to be sure that your published business card is going to make the desirable impact. It's recommended to design and print different kinds of business cards for different customers such as companies and individuals.
Business cards are published and prepared with different materials such as Laminate, PVC and cotton that each one can lead to different types of Glossy, matte, PVC and laminated business cards. Toorangprint is honored to prepare and published all types of mentioned business cards with defined designs and qualified materials.

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