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A business card is one of the effective advertising and marketing tools in various businesses. Using an ideal business card is very efficient and effective in social and business relationships, and despite its small size and space, it can represent you and be your organizational identity. The important thing about a business card is while it may seem like a simple advertisement, it can have a significant impact on your audience, so it should have vital features that need to be considered before printing. These features include the quality of the designed file, the paper material, and business card cover, its size and thickness, card print run, and how it’s cut.

To have a quality business card, you must pay attention to how the designed files are stored and their final quality, as well as the use of equipped printing machines. Also, in some cases, a note needs to be made on the card; Therefore, the paper material and the coating chosen for it should be able to meet these needs. Today, there are various materials and textures such as linen, card, and kraft paper for business cards which can easily be used. The type of business card, whether it is one-sided or two-sided, as well as the thickness of the card, should be chosen according to the type of business. The business card is usually printed on glossy, linen, and cardboard paper; Each of them, according to the different tastes and businesses, can make the business card look stunning.

Business card material

Examples of common materials used in printing special business cards are laminated business cards (glossy and matte), linen business cards, cardboard business cards, coated cardboard business cards (matte and glossy), and PVC business cards.

Business card size

Business cards are generally designed in two shapes, square and rectangular, and are printed. There are different sizes for each of the mentioned dimensions, the most common of which are 8.5×5.5 and 8.5×5.4 cm for the rectangular type and 5.5×5.5 cm for the square business card.

Types of business cards

Business cards, like other printed products, come in many forms. In the meantime, what makes this product diverse and wide is the size and dimensions of the business card, the material and thickness of the paper, various types of protective coatings, visual effects such as gold, silver, UV, and finally its printing method. Of course, it should be noted that the determining factor of the type of business card is the characteristics of the business and business.

Business card design

One of the issues that are considered before printing a business card is how to design a business card and the storage quality of that design. The design chosen for the business card has a vital effect on its appearance and, like the print quality, can be important in attracting the audience.

On the other hand, the design of printed products, like printing standards, is directly related to the type of business. This means that the color tonnage and shapes used in the design must be commensurate with the type of business.

Designing a business card that is specific and suitable for each business is one of the influential factors in the mind of the audience, so choosing the right type of card according to the type of your business activity is one of the basic points of identifying a good brand.

Business cards will indirectly affect the look of your audience depending on the choice of paper type, color, font, design, and size. Of course, conventional and standard sizes are generally used for designing and printing business cards, but depending on the type of card application, exceptional designs and unusual sizes can also be used.

You should keep in mind it is important if your audience is specific individuals or companies, so you should be sure to use a special, stylish, and attractive business card with excellent quality, both in terms of design and type of business card for each of those purposes.

Your type of business card creates the first impression from the audience towards you, so it is better to form this thought as best as you can from the first moment.

All these cases mentioned above have caused Toorang Print Company to possess all the appropriate materials and devices for you to have more options in choosing the material, color, and size of your business card ordered. Meanwhile, the specialists and designers of our company, who have worked a lot in this field, are also ready to cooperate and help you so that you can have the best choice. We strive to bring you the greatest impact on the audience by offering reasonable printing prices and creative business card design.

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