Straw paper & Newsprint

Straw paper is a thin and inexpensive paper and has a color scheme from dull white to brown. This kind of paper is mostly known as newsprint paper. This paper is durable, has a soft texture under the hand, and is used for color printing for advertisements, magazine announcements, or newspapers. Of course, the colors on the straw sheet are slightly different due to its opaque color tonnage. For this reason, printing on it should be left to professionals to know the appropriate color combination for printing on straw paper. For example, the usual blue color on this paper turns green, and you have to use a certain color tonnage when designing to match the printed design with the image seen on the monitor.

This product is made in simple, thick, or oily colors in different sizes. The most common sizes for these papers, of course, are A3 and A4. Due to the lightweight of this sheet, buying wholesale straw paper is very cheap and economical.

  • Production of straw paper

Despite its name, the straw sheets are made by combining wood pulp, cellulose fibers, and different kinds of chemicals, which are added to maintain the shape and strength of the paper. After completing these steps, large rolls of straw paper are produced, which are later sold in bulk for packaging, printing, advertising, etc.

  • Applications of straw paper

The applications of this product are divided into various categories and can be used in many industries. This paper is used in fast-food restaurants or food courts as sandwich paper and so on. As its other uses, we can mention using plain or patterned straw as gift wrap papers, which is one of the most common uses of this product. This type of paper is also being used for filling boxes for post and decorating packaging.

Since newsprint is made of wood, it decomposes in nature and will not harm the environment, therefore it is the best choice for scribbler, notebook, drawing paper, books. Straw paper is used in the printing industry to produce magazines, newspapers, tracts, posters, packaging, etc. Finally, we should mention the applications of this paper in confectionery and pattern paper, which are usually less mentioned.

  • Advantages of straw paper

As mentioned, straw paper is nature-friendly and easily decomposed; It is not as thick as cardboard, which is why it absorbs ink well and has a high print quality.

If you want to order custom printed packaging for your business on a trial basis, straw paper is the best choice because you can try feedback at a low cost and then move on to other types of wrapping paper.

  • Ordering plain or custom-printed straw paper

You can order straw paper in different measurements and both simple and printed forms with ready-made designs in Toorang Shop online store. These sheets are available in various sizes, large or small, and general sizes like A4 or A3, and you can buy them in different amounts.

The generally printed samples which are available in Toorang Shop can be suitable for most needs in various fields such as restaurant use, but you can order custom printing drafts to Toorang design team according to your type of business.

The price of straw paper wholesale is calculated in a stepwise price (more purchase = lower price), and it is sold in kilograms, which makes the bulk purchase of this product much more economical.

Also, to buy note paper or scribblers, you can buy the adhesive sample of this product online from our store.

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