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One of the most important and widely used advertising tools is the promotional shopping bag. Shopping bag provides a high level of advertising for employers, also known as moving billboards. Promotional bags are used to carry promotional gifts, provide catalogs and brochures, and place items purchased by the customer.

These shopping bags are used to categorize and store products purchased in stores and shopping malls. Handbags are widely used not only in boutiques, stores, fast foods, and various commercial and economic enterprises that sell different goods or products but also in many institutions and companies that need to introduce their services in the form of promotional gifts while attending exhibitions. Using a handbag is very useful and effective both for transportation of customers products and advertising your own company.

The promotional bag is made of nano fabric and does not harm the environment. This product can be used several times and it can be used in all stores that offer portable goods to the customer (such as clothing stores, hypermarkets, etc.).

What products are promotional shopping bags used for categorizing?

1. Category of store goods such as clothing, watches and jewelry, electronic components, cosmetics, and various other types of other store goods
2. Categories of promotional gifts such as receipts, books, management sets, plaques, and many other valuable promotional gifts.
3. Categories for all kinds of catalogs Brochures, folders, documents, and lists that are mostly used during festivals and seminars.

The choice of a shopping bag as an advertising tool is a very creative thing that covers a large advertising market around the world, and this issue has led to the motivation to build and design special machines for the production of shopping bags.

Types of shopping bag

There are different types of handbags in terms of size and material. From small sites such as handbags when buying a watch or perfume to large handbags. But in terms of gender, handbags are classified into the following:

• Paper shopping bag 
• Leather shopping bag
• Tarpaulin shopping bag
• Plastic shopping bag

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