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Cake paper is a fireproof and disposable greaseproof paper mold that acts as a non-stick liner to prevent the cake from sticking to the metal mold. Also, they are called cake capsules, paper mold, pastry and cake greaseproof paper, paper capsule, paper under the cake, and Lilliput capsule. This wrapper is striped shape shapes the cake dough and makes the cake shape more attractive. These wrappers are the most practical confectionery accessories for baking cakes and pastries.

Advantages of using cake paper

The cake capsule is resistant to temperature and is fireproof at high temperatures, and does not withstand. Using a paper mold, you do not need to be sensitive to greasing the metal mold and spend your time and raw materials. It also makes it possible to eat the cake without contact with the hands, which is both healthier and prevents the hands from getting greasy and dirty.

Also, it should be noted that these wrappers make sure that the cake remains fresh in the presence of air and prevent the cake from becoming dry and stale.

If the cake burns, the greaseproof paper of the cake will prevent the cake from sticking to the Teflon of the metal mold, and the non-stick surface of the mold will not be damaged over time.

Cake wrapper types

  • Cupcake Paper wrapper

In Toorang Print online shop, you can buy plain cup-shaped wax paper or heat-resistant cupcakes in standard size at a reasonable price.

  • Muffin Cake wrapper

In Toorang online shop, you can order printing on these efficient fireproof capsules or molds for baking all kinds of muffin cakes with a fit height for muffin cake puff, or by the general forms online at a reasonable price.

  • How to buy cake wrappers

The wrappers offered in Toorang Print online store, with the best quality and standard size, have been produced with hygienic points, which are also resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures.

It can be used in gas ovens, toasters, electric ovens, microwaves, microwave ovens, and even freezers. The cake capsule is made of non-toxic and odorless materials that do not affect the taste of the cake and helps to maintain the quality of the cupcake.

They are not only used to bake cakes such as muffins or cupcakes but to decorate finger food, halva, dates, chocolate, etc.

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