Advertising Photography

Advertising photography
 The word "photography" is originated from two greek words of Photo which means light and Graphy which stands for techniques of writing and drawing. Totally photography means, the way we use to create and save photos.
Photography is mostly divided into three sections that are known as Scientific, Advertising and Artistic ones. At the first step, it was invented as a scientific phenomenon. Then was developed as an industry and at last was cemented as an art. Advertising photography is a branch of photography that is ordered by an industrial company and deals with registration of production processes, products, work organization, employees and organizations'' facilities. Advertising photography may be used for internal goals (official works and industrial relations) or external ones that are known as advertising and public relation.
 As it is obvious, using photographs in its usual form and fashion, may not attract and influence customers that much. Advertising photography on the opposite side, tries to highlight the products advantages and puts more emphasis on its usages and differences.,  


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