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Graphic design science is the knowledge of using up-to-date visual effects to interact with people around in the most effective ways. this science is one of the most important methods of informing visual expression and, it is used as a useful tool in the hands of advertising consultants based on technical knowledge.

Some of the significant goals of this vital branch of advertising are to:


1. Ideation
2. Introducing a brand and branding
3.Highlighting the strengths of a business or product
4. Gain customer’s trust
5. Encourage customers to buy and promote the product

This knowledge, just like other sciences and techniques, requires constant updating. Through believing the above destinations and putting these lofty goals at the forefront of our activities, in Toorang Print Design and Advertising Group, we always have been able to provide appropriate support for our customers in the design and advertising. This caused us to gain our customer''''s satisfaction and their merit trust as a valuable asset for keep going do what we do best.

Some of the services of our design unit are:


- Design of visual logo and written logo
- Designing billboards in environmental advertising
- Design catalogs, brochures, folders, and posters
-Office set design (business card, letterhead, envelope, and other office forms)
-Designing various types of product packaging

The design unit

The design unit of Toorang Printing and Packaging Company, using experienced and skilled designers, with the help of modern design methods and along with unparalleled precision and elegance, not only tries to meet the expectations of its dear customers, both in Lego design and packaging design but also, always tries to harmonize the most complex design principles with these expectations in order to, not only satisfy the esteemed customer but also to have a professional and formal vision. These efforts are all due to the fact that this design can properly fulfill its main goal, which is to attract customers.

The photography departmen

Also, in the photography and studio department of Toorang Printing Company, professional photographers and our design team obsessively check and scrutinize customer orders. Then they work out the appropriate ways to best meet the customer''s point of view. In Toorang Print, with creative designers, professional computer systems, and professional industrial photography equipment, we have provided all the necessary facilities to provide beautiful designs that are accompanied by new design ideas, so that we can take an effective step to help achieve the great goals of our dear customers.

Leave your design orders to us with full confidence of the best result. We will surprise you.


Ordering customized design and photography

If you have any questions due to this service or you simply just want more informaition about it. you can contact us in our social media or call us. you can see our contact information in cotact us section.

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