Outdoor Printing

Outdoor printing is usually considered for various reasons, but one of the most common uses is in advertising. This type of printing includes banner printing, sticker printing, mesh printing, and vinyl printing. As its name suggests, it is used outside the closed environment.


Types of outdoor printing

Each of the materials used in this type of printing has specific uses and characteristics. so we tried to introduce them briefly here:


1.         Banner printing

Banner printing is mostly used for welcoming banners, occasional banners, etc., or to use them as advertising billboards, around the city and out of it; for example in roads and highroads signs. Its proficiency makes this type of outdoor printing, compared to other types of outdoor printing, have a higher print quality and image resolution.


2.         Mesh

This type of outdoor printing is available in two types, adhesive and ordinary. It is used for special purposes like mounting on glass and etc. this kind of outdoor printing is used professionally so it also needs to print professionally.


3.         Print all kinds of stickers and vinyl

This model is also for printing and installation on all smooth and polished surfaces such as on car bodies, industrial refrigerators, shop windows.


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