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Rice is one of the major food items of most meals all around the world. Due to this fact, one of the most obbligato concerns of rice production and packaging companies is to find the best material to store rice so that it does not absorb moisture and protects rice from contamination in any way. Some societies tended to packages with lower volume and higher qualities for solving these problems with the most effective results.



Toorang Printing Company is a highly experienced production and printing company which offers its spunbond rice bags (rice sacks) with the most economical prices and highest quality compared with its international customers. You can order these bags, no matter where in the world you are, according to your needs and, your ordered product will reach you in the fastest time.

In addition to increasing the quality of its products by using the most modern printing machine, Toorang company made the printing process an automated process.


Since customer satisfaction is our most important goal, sewing resistance, printing transparency, timely delivery, competitive price, quality assurance and, responsiveness in the fastest time are the priorities of Toorang Printing Company. 

 •   Terms of order

The minimum number of orders for printing on rice bags with an allocated design is 2,000, and the minimum delivery time is seven working days


For a generally designed rice bag, the number decreases to 500, and the minimum delivery time for printing on them will be one working day.

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