Kraft Packaging or Nylon Packaging?

There’s no need to mention that today, packaging has become one of the significant and effective parts of marketing and product presentation that cannot be divided or put apart, from other major sections.

Nylon, Kraft, paper or plastic, there’s no difference for what all of them are now considered as a major and leading industry that plays the significant role of attracting customers.

But among all of the packaging tools and methods, nylon and Kraft papers are the high usage ones that are produced and consumed more than fabric, aluminum, wood, and other known ways. Due to mentioned reasons and practical proof, this article was prepared to learn more about Nylon and Kraft and shed more light on the differences between.

What are the usages of Nylon?

Nylon is much cheaper and easier to produce rather than Kraft paper. It is also easier to use, carry and keep your product with Nylon. Nylon is waterproof, flexible and resistant to stretch which makes it the first and primary choice for packaging, esp. hard ones that should be protected against wet, stretching, loosening and other difficulties of packaging.

Kraft papers on the other side, are more expensive, environment-friendly and healthier for the human guy that makes them the first choice and option of packaging in industrial and first-world nations. There are also some faults with Kraft papers. Kraft papers are not strong and protected against wet, loosening and similar dangers. So it is better to make sure that there’s no extra wet with the product you are putting in the Kraft pocket. Despite the healthy fashion of Kraft papers and pockets for consumers, it is worth mentioning that Kraft papers and pockets are produced by logging trees which is dangerous for the environment and in the long-run, can cause many problems and issues. So the best way is to manage the production and so the consumption of packaging materials to decrease the unnecessary usages and so inessential production of Kraft pockets and logging trees.

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