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Unlike the common sense among people and society about packaging, it has been proved and shown that the mentioned industry has experienced and examined, different trends, attitudes, and perspectives that will be discussed further in this note. To make it simple we have to claim that packaging is not just a method or tool of covering and maintenance, but a marketing strategy and medium which conveys the supplier’s (designer’s) message, to the consumer. Concerning the mentioned tips and necessities, the author came up with the idea of dealing and discussing hot trends in the packaging industry.


Since the creation of human beings, we have always been seeking new ways of dealing with old issues which are known as innovation and novelty. Packaging has shown to be a fertile land for planting and observing new ideas and trends.


It is always an advantage for all industries and materials to be sustainable and live longer. This has been an old desire of human guy to remain longer and live a lasting-life. The story goes the same about the products, esp. packaging. People are now seeking sustainable packages that can live with them, more than before.


This trend has been grown from a bunch of nature-oriented issues and attitudes. Through the years, a human being has discovered the recycling as a strategic skill for saving more money and energy, while exploiting old materials for new usages. So there’s no wonder that people consider more and more about recyclable and suppliers are much more in with this hot trend.


A new word of describing old issues and necessities. Fill with garbage, trash, unwanted and wasted materials, the world is full of conversation, buzz, and dialogues about skills, ways, and methods for smaller tools with a better function that is known as minimal thinking. From a packaging perspective, minimalism deals with tiny, small and fitted packages that occupy less space and cost less.

Despite the mentioned trends, technology has proven to be going forward and seeking new ideas and trends that make sure we will find today’s innovations nothing special in the future.

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