Winter is coming: Rice storage

Critical tips for rice storage

In this article, we analyze and review the practical points in storing rice. However, first of all, it is necessary to determine the purpose of choosing this particular topic.

Why do we have to learn about rice storage?

The first question to answer is to know about the reasons for keeping and storing rice. Why do we have to do this?
There’s no need to mention that rice has been one of the critical staples of many people in the world. Considering the fluctuations of the market, the ups and downs of price, and other related variables such as inflation, sanction, and similar issues, we come up with the idea that buying rice in high volume (covering two or more years of needing rice) is one of the smart choices that every family can benefit from. However, this idea itself will bring another problem which is saving and storing this huge amount of rice at home. So, a way to preserve rice should be considered, and the present article is an answer to this concern.

Optimal storage and packaging features of rice should be such that:

1.    Keep insects and other vermin away from the rice and where you have stored them; Insects can make lots of disasters and ruin your rice.
2.    Make sure that you can easily store, load, upload, and download the amount of rice from the storage place.
3.    Leave certain spaces between rice sacks and let the fresh air flow easily and smoothly among the bags and sacks.
4.    Do not take up much space and be easily accessed.

Tips on how to store rice

1.    Keep the place dry

As you know, moisture is the most dangerous factor that can ruin and destroy your winter storage. Rice grains should be stored at a humidity below 12%. Moisture content causes mold growth in rice, reduces the taste, and ultimately reduces the quality of rice. Cloth bags and sacks are among the tools and effective factors in storing rice that prevents moisture from forming. It is also recommended to prevent dampness and moisture from penetrating the rice bag by placing wooden boards or other common coverings. For this case, you can first clean the floor of the place and then cover it with wooden boards. So, make sure that the store is dry and there will be no way for moisture to penetrate from.

2.     Spacing between rice bags

The distance between the bags and of course the storage space is very important. It is recommended that the rice bags be at least one and a half meters away from the roof of the storage area. It is also better to have a distance of one meter on each side between the rows of rice bags and their surroundings.

3.    A clean rice storage area

Before placing the rice in the desired location (storage, cabinets, cupboards, etc.), clean that area carefully. The site should be free of any spider webs, edible and non-edible seeds, and dust. It is necessary to keep the place always clean and tidy during rice storage.

4.    Safe rice storage area

You need to make sure that the rice is in a safe place out of the reach of mice and other pests. For this purpose, you can use mouse traps and other ways to repel animals and vermin

5.    Choose the right rice bag

If you, like some families, have a high consumption of rice and for this reason, you prepare your rice directly from the farm and the farmer, then it is better to think first of all to keep the rice in the bag and choose the right bag. Fabric rice bags made by factories can be one of the best options for storing rice. Cloth bags are both inexpensive and convenient, allowing you to easily move and store them inside the storage area.

Also, keep your rice in a place that is available in different seasons and by different people. Keep it safe and clean in different seasons and times. Don’t forget to always monitor the storage and keep it clean. As time passes, you will find more dust, dirt, and other kinds of dangerous stuff that is going to destroy your rice of winter, so make sure they are not going to hurt you.

Still not enough

Observing all of the above, while necessary and useful, is not enough. It is necessary to visit the rice storage place every week and check the place closely.

Contrary to popular belief, preserving your rice has important points, some of which we covered in this article. Finally, the author recommends that if you intend to store rice for a long time, first of all, be sure of your supplier and then find a place and method for optimal storage.

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