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As mentioned before, during the centuries, rice has been the main food grain and most popular staple all around the world in different regions and countries. But even with this amount of popularity and usage, when it comes down to the reasons and whys of rice popularity, people usually are left with a silent face and an empty head. 

In this article, the author intends to answer the reasons behind the widespread popularity and consumption of rice in the world.

1.    Easy come, easy go

Among all of the seed and planting stuff, rice is the most popular one due to its easiness of planting and so harvesting. Planting and harvesting rice is very cheap and simple. The lower the labor cost, the lower the cost of harvesting rice, and the higher the profit. On the other hand, harvesting it does not have much trouble and, of course, does not depend on technology and special conditions. It goes without saying that the above article about planting and harvesting rice is "relative to other nutrients" and it is not that preparing rice as a whole is a simple and easy process. To get acquainted with the stages of planting and harvesting rice, you can refer to the article From Land to Home: Farmer Rice to our taste. You can easily plant and harvest a desirable amount of rice, with a little hand from family and fellows around you.

2.    Easy to keep

One of the most important advantages of rice over other foods is its simple and inexpensive storage. There is no cost to store rice and it can be kept healthy even outside the refrigerator. The only necessary condition for keeping rice is that its space should be cool. However, ground rice has an indefinite shelf life and brown rice has a shelf life of a long time, which can be multiplied if refrigerated. In addition to what has been mentioned, today, with the expansion of bagged rice and bags and sacks of industrial and textile rice, rice storage has become more and more simple and easy.

3.    Easier to cook

Wash the rice, put it in a pot, and drench it with a desirable and acceptable amount of water. Then put it in an oven and your rice will be cooked. All you need to do next is to eat. Rice has a very simple and fast cooking method, and this feature, along with features such as easy storage, cheapness, and availability, has made it the dominant force in the world. In addition, rice is one of the few nutrients that can be combined and consumed with different foods and of course foods. This factor makes the consumer of any culture and geographical conditions, can always use rice and its various food species. In addition, rice has a variety of products, some of which you can refer to the article on rice products. You can also visit this note to learn about rice cooking methods. Oh, by the way, don’t forget to bring your family and fellows.

4.    Cheap but nutritious

Unlike the common norm and way of business, this one acts in an irregular way. For decades, rice has been known as one of the most nutritious and useful grains which contain a considerable amount of Protein, Calcium, and other minerals and nutrients that are essentially useful for your body. Rice is a cheap grain that has many edible properties. Protein, calcium, other minerals, and nutritional benefits make rice one of the most valuable foods in the world. Apart from rice grains, rice bran is one of the most useful plant ingredients, which unfortunately still has no place in the taste and cooking method of the Iranian people. To learn more about the properties of rice, refer to the author's note entitled "What we do not know about rice."

5.    Eat it anytime, anywhere

Unlike most grains and seeds, this one is an international one that you can find anywhere all around the world, besides you can take it as a seed of all seasons. Rice can be consumed and enjoyed in all seasons. In addition, most of the world's cuisine is compatible with rice, and it is possible to make many different combinations of different foods and recipes around the world with rice. For example, rice can be combined with different foods such as cooked vegetables or raw vegetables to create new combinations and achievements. Rice is one of the few foods that can be found in all cuisines of the world and it can be consumed. From East Asia to Europe and the American West, all countries with different tastes benefit from rice and have it in their meals.

6.    Easily moved 

Rice has simple and hassle-free transportation and that is why we see that even in travel and commuting or intercity, rice is still the first choice to provide food for people and travelers. In addition, its transportation does not require special tools or conditions, and as soon as it is placed in a cool and moisture-free place, it is sufficient.

Caution: Eating too much, getting too fat

In the end, make sure you are not eating too much to prevent getting too fat. So, take care of how much you consume from this irresistible food.

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