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How is rice grown?

This article deals with the process of rice production which includes diverse activities from farm to factory. Land preparation, watering, nutrient management, and harvesting, are mentioned points of rice production that will be discussed in this note.

Picking seed

A seed is the most and main important material you need, before planting and crop establishment. To enjoy a nice achievement and win the customers’ satisfaction, every farmer and rice producer should make sure that he or she has selected the best and most proper seed which brings the most possible yields. Everyone yearns for discovering a good seed but doesn’t know how to do it. Good seeds should be pure, full, and uniform in size, viable, free of weed seeds, diseases, pathogens, insects, and other fatal or destructive matters and materials.

Land preparation

This is the phase and task which is dealt with and done, before seed planting. In this phase, the soil should be prepared and kept in its best physical condition and level which takes the best out of the seed. Land preparation involves plowing and harrowing to ‘till’ or dig up, mix and level the soil.

Managing nutrients

There are multiple nutrient needs for each step of rice growth that make nutrient management a critical task for rice production. Managing the floods, conserving the soil organic matters, and receiving Nitrogen from biological sources, are the task that is dealt with in this stage.


This is the final step on the farm which leads the rice right to the factory and industrial phase. Harvesting includes a collection of mature crops from the land. Considering the variety of seeds, plants, and climates, a rice crop usually is to mature at around a length of 105-150 days post-establishment. Cutting, stacking, handling, threshing, cleaning, and hauling are major activities of harvesting. Optimized harvesting is the main goal that every farmer seeks to reach by maximizing yields and minimizing damages and deterioration.

Manual and Mechanical are two different types of harvesting. The first one is more popular in Asia and involves cutting the rice crop with simple hand means like sickles and knives. The second one is well-known in Europe and industrial zones. As the name suggests, the method exploits machines and other industrial tools rather than human beings and hand tools.

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