Grab the Customer: Printed Banner and its Application

Banners and stands are among the most effective, profitable, and interesting tools and means for marketing that have wide applications in attracting customers' attention. Due to their size and format, banners let you present and exhibit your organization, product, brand, and services, in a stylish and more visual way. Exploiting visual effects and designs, banners have shown to be the tremendous medium for tempting customers to approach your loge and take a look at your products and services which is mostly executed through smart use of visual effects and related issues. 

So, their main purpose is to attract customers to a point and inform them about an event, advertisement, person, or trend. Banners are most often designed, printed, and used for crowded gatherings and events like exhibitions in where customers are in hurry, confused with dozens of brands and loges, and need a hook to get there in your loge. This is where the banner stands.

However, like other tools, if this tool is not used with knowledge and awareness of its applications, it may turn opportunities into threats. So, the more we know about the use of the banner, the better we can use its potential to promote the product and attract customers. For this reason, we decided to examine the printed banner in a few sentences and why we should use the printed banner.

1.  Branding

Your organization banner is one of the most important tools that can increase customer awareness of your brand. Therefore, it is necessary for the organization's banner to be designed and prepared in full compliance with the brand and organizational literature of the company's brand. The greater the compatibility between the banner and the brand literature of the organization, the easier and faster the acceptance by the customer, especially loyal customers.

However, the most important aspect of a banner in branding is actually attracting new customers. In addition to keeping former customers satisfied, your banner should be able to attract new customers to the organization and prepare them for purchase. Do not forget that at first glance, potential customers will judge you only by your banner. In addition, in an exhibition and gathering, customers do not have much time to visit all the booths and sometimes, from the banner of each booth and brand, decide to visit.

2.  Banner size

The size of the banner is one of the important things that need to be considered because it must be appropriate to the venue of the event and the use of the banner. The size of the banner should also match the purpose and message. For example, you cannot display a huge and vital phrase like "global trade" in a small banner in which nothing can be seen.

Another important point, in this case, is that special attention should be paid to the material and structure of the banner. Do you need a standing banner or do you want a banner that can be hung from anywhere? Is your banner in the customer's spotlight or does it only occupy part of the show?

3.  Simplicity is the ultimate complexity

Each event occurs once and therefore, you will only have one chance to get the customer's attention once. So do not try to distract the customer from reading the important points of your banner and the attention you want them to pay to the banner with long and time-consuming slogans and words, which attract a lot of attention and time. To summarize simply and directly:

"Express your words and purpose in the shortest amount of time and words. You only have one opportunity, use it well."

4.  Fonts and color combinations

Of course, this can be considered as a continuation of the previous case and in praise of simplicity. The font, color combination, print, and material of your banner should be able to convey its message easily and very quickly to the audience. Your good word will be of no use if the audience cannot read it, communicate with it, and understand it correctly.

5.  Calling out the customer

All that has been said is for the customer to be attracted to the organization and then to buy and establish a connection with the organization. Finally, it is by using the amount of customer attraction and purchase that the effectiveness of the banner and other tools can be realized. No matter how effective the banner is at initially attracting the audience but failing to encourage the customer to buy, printing and using the banner will be of no use. The banner should be able to create the desire and urgency to buy in the customer.

Nowadays, we live in a world where, thanks to technology, population growth, and automation, there are numerous options and ways for the buyer. The multiplicity of suppliers, the widespread presence of competitors, the expansion of similar and alternative goods, have all made organizations think of stealing customers in any way. The author considers marketing as one of these ways that have certain necessities and requirements. Print banner is one of the requirements that allow you to shine and have a share of your market in exhibitions and events related to your business.

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