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When it comes to rice and its products, most of us (esp. Iranians) are just considering usual and common products and foods like rice and Kebab and other similar types. In the best condition, we come up with ideas like traditional foods and cuisines, while strange and delicious dishes of rice are galore. Rice products are not limited to this and there are many items that are beneficial for beauty and health.

In this article, the author aims to discuss the wide variety of different rice products that are not that known and famous among people. So, if you are in to learn about a dozen cases of rice products (both drinks and foods), you can join this journey.

  • Flour Products

As the name calls it, this type of food is made from rice flour which is produced by a water mill. Watermill is one of the rice processing methods in which a large part of rice salts is lost due to their solubility. Despite saving a large amount of time and energy, this method of rice production wastes and loses much of the rice nutrients and mineral contents. This type of rice product is almost used by countries with a large population and high consumption of rice. Countries with low per capita consumption of rice, tend to use these products as proper substitutes for wheat flour. Also, people on a gluten-free diet suffering from celiac disease or digestive problems can use rice flour to make their favorite pastries, cakes, kinds of pasta, and snacks.

  1. Noodles: Rice noodles are one of the products that are made from rice flour and can be consumed as a snack or in soup. Rice noodles are used to make various foods.

  2. Paper: This is one of the most interesting rice products, which is made of cooking rice flour on a thin sheet. This is mostly used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines, which are used to roll various foods. Rice paper can be consumed in a common way or fried in oil. This paper has no taste and calories and is only used for rolls of vegetables, meat, sushi, and various foods.

  3. Cakes and puddings: Another product that is made from rice flour and can be served as a dessert or snack is cakes. This product is perhaps the most popular rice flour product in East and South Asia. Rice pudding is usually made with some gelatin, milk, vanilla, chocolate powder, or cinnamon.

  • Liquid products

These are products that are produced and used as drinks.

  1. Rice oil: it is produced and made from rice bran and root. Rice oil is considered a rich source of vitamin E, antioxidants, and other nutrients that are useful for cooking and salad. Far from mentioned usages, considering the high smoke point of rice oil (200 degrees centigrade), it can also be used as a frying oil. China, India, and Japan are leaders of this product.

  2. Rice vinegar: Rice vinegar is mostly produced in East Asian countries because people there believe in the healing properties of this vinegar and also use it in various foods. Contrary to the taste we know from vinegar, rice vinegar is sweet and the color of this product varies from light-yellow to dark red, brown, and black.

  3. Rice milk: In countries such as the United States and Thailand, rice milk is made for consumers who are lactose intolerant, which of course is very popular.

  4. Rice juice: This product is obtained by cooking brown rice and enzyme and you can see it in the main image of the post.

  • Other brass products

  1. Brass crackers: Biscuits or rice crackers are other important rice products that have many fans in East Asia, especially Japan.

  2. Rice vegetables: The roots of wild rice, in East Asian countries, especially China, are used as vegetables and as the main food.


Make it short and straight, In this article, we dealt with various rice products. We knew that rice products are divided into two categories: flour products and liquid products. Noodles, cakes, and rice paper are among the flour products, oil, vinegar, and juice, in the group of liquid products. Unlike the familiar products of the first group, the second one is not that well-known and deserves more attention to be paid for what it has been proved that it can be a strategic choice for developing food industry all over the world.

According to the author, if we take a good look at this article, we will find that the most important and useful rice products come from bran and its roots. Various factors such as the general taste of society and the rice processing process greatly influence this choice. The use of bran and roots will also increase the opportunities for extensive production and employment, but it also has many health benefits.

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