3 Most Popular Types Of Tea Around The World

We love a nice hot cup of tea

Tea has been one of the most popular drinks not only for Iranians but also for people all over the world. this drink, dressed in thousands of different flavors and aromas, has warmed the hearts of other people around the world and despite it had been first cultivated and used in east Asia, it is not limited in Asia and roams the world so that each culture adapts tea into itself and bring peace along with itself to the core of families and all other reunions.

In that matter, there is no wonder if you hear and taste new teas that have different names, aromas, and colors; that is because each culture spice up its tea in regards to its own people’s taste.

In this article, we briefly will try to introduce the main different types of tea and their flavors.

Tea or herb, that is the question

First of all, it is better to define the difference between herbal tea and tea in its meaning and common use. Herbal tea is generally prepared using boiling the stem, leaves, roots, seeds, and the plant itself in water. Tea (in its common sense), on the other hand, is made by brewing the leaves of a plant (usually Camellia sinuses). However, the two can be combined, which is called flavored tea. Of course, This article deals with the second one.

Different types of tea

Among the various types of tea, there are four important and dominant types. Green tea, white tea, oolong tea (a type of Chinese tea that contains a combination of black and green tea), and black tea are the main types of tea. Three of which mentioned are discussed below.

1.  White tea

White tea is the only natural type of tea that is associated with the least method of tea production and because of this matter, the least change is applied to the tea leaves through the process. The least amount of modification and production makes it a useful and healthy choice among different kinds of tea.

The method of producing this type of tea is after harvesting the leaves, they are placed in an open space, under sunlight so they can dry, and then after it is completely dried, it can be easily brewed. This type of tea is the most popular kind of tea all around the world and is recommended to all tea drinkers.


It’s got a mild, penetrating, and sweet taste with a yellow and slight green color. This type of tea has the taste of flowers and fruits. It’s mostly suggested to drink this kind with a combination of lemon and honey.

2.  Green tea

Green tea is not oxidized like white tea, but unlike white tea, the production methods of this type of tea have other complications. But in short, to produce this tea, green tea is dried and withered after cultivation to remove its internal moisture.

There are different types of green tea that are mostly found in China and Japan. Sencha, Macha, and Gan Matcha are examples of Japanese green tea and Gun Powder is an example of Chinese green tea. The difference between these different types of green tea is more in the structure and method of their consumption.


There are different types of green tea. These different types are usually light green or yellowish in color. But unlike the color of this tea, the taste of green tea is based on its type, a wide range from flavors close to fruit to plant flavors such as leaves or flowers, which has caused a great variety of this type of tea.

3.  Black Tea 

Black tea is the most known type of tea which is called red tea in China and in the West, it is referred to it as Black tea. As mentioned, this type of tea, more than other types of tea, has suffered from various production processes including drying, oxidation, etc. therefore it has fewer health benefits rather than the previous types.

China and India are the largest producers of this type of tea in the world. Darjeeling and Assam are the two most important regions in India that produce the most amount of black tea. Sri Lanka is also one of the most important regions for producing black tea. The importance of these areas is due to the fact that black tea in these areas is very famous and popular around the world.


Assam black tea is fully oxidized and Darjeeling black tea is semi-oxidized. Assam tea has a malt-like taste, brown color, and earthy aromas. Darjeeling tea has a mild taste, light green color, and a sweet aroma combined with the aroma of flowers and fruits.

How about its caffeine?

Most tea consumption is due to the caffeine in it. The caffeine in tea causes people to feel less tired after consuming it and to go about their daily activities with more spirit and awareness.

Although tea caffeine is naturally more concentrated than caffeine in coffee beans, it is more potent than natural tea after brewing. The amount of caffeine in a cup of natural tea can vary depending on the method of production. Among the different types of tea, black and green tea have the most, and white tea has the least amount of caffeine, and this is the amount of caffeine that helps you choose the desired tea.

In this article, we discuss three of the most famous types of tea and mention the main differences between each type of tea are due to differences in oxidation and production process. Tea has always been a favorite beverage among people all over the world, especially in most East Asian countries and not only in their special occasions and ceremonies but also on daily basis. 

However, do not forget that like other food items, tea consumption can have many side effects if taken in excess and at the wrong time (night). From a medical point of view, consuming tea with dates and honey can prevent iron deficiency as well as diabetes.

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