Rice or Rice Bag, That Is The Question!

Until long ago, the production of rice and its delivery to the final consumer was done with great difficulty and lots of hard work and effort. Nowadays, however, Thanks to the expansion of industrial devices and machines, competition in this field has become significantly wider and more challenging. The expansion of sales opportunities (sites, stores, shops, and brokers) and means has created extensive changes in the rice supply chain, which in itself has led to changes in the attitudes and methods of production and distribution of rice producers.

In the meantime, however, branding and brand management knowledge has become increasingly critical and has become a determinative factor for the creation of sustainable competitive advantage in both fields of rice production and distribution.

Brand, visual identity (graphic effects of the brand), and product packaging are among the important and strategic factors which must pay special attention to them if a company wants to survive in this industry. Although all of these factors are of particular importance, the packaging of goods and rice seems to influence the customer's decision to buy, more than any other factors due to the following reasons.

      1.    Multiplicity of suppliers and the emergence of newcomers

The entry of new players into the rice production industry, and the increase in suppliers have caused the issue of rice quality to be less important than in the past. Experienced progressions in machinery and e-commerce, have brought a fertile ground for the market and so for competitors and newcomers. Unlike long ago, nowadays companies are considering packaging as a critical way to differentiate themselves from competitors.
So, this is why hearing that packaging influences customers’ purchase decisions more than quality and similar metrics will no longer devastate anyone as it should.

      2.    Consumer’s first touch

No matter in what stage, from production to distribution, the design, and brand of rice are influential; but, for a consumer who has no mindset or experience with the brand, the packaging is the first encounter between the producer and the new customer in question. The packaging and brand of rice is the first factor that can lure the customer to take the product and it’ll paint an interesting image in the mind of the customer which will lead them to buy the product. Packaging is a strategic means that companies can exploit to draw a suitable and well-known image of their products in consumers’ minds.

      3.    Consumers’ perceived value about the company

brand Image is one of the factors that influence the mentality of the customer; this mentality, which shapes the base of consumer's ideas towards the product and therefore the organization, is the exact thing the producers and designers want to impress.
that is why the managers of the company and the organization pay extra attention to the design and the packaging of products and want them to be the most delightful and charming while being appropriate and coordinated with the goal, motto, and mission of the organization and be able to convey the desired image to the customer.
The more your brand privileges are heightened in consumers’ minds by well-designed packaging, the possibility of visiting you for future purchases will increase over time. So, make sure that your brand image and value are well-cemented on consumers’ minds by exploiting professional and attractive packaging for your products and goods.

      4.    Rice Bag, the latest marketer

Rice bag design and packaging is an expressive and penetrating language that can act as your latest marketing just by influencing the customer mentality, which encourages the customer to buy and consume goods. Ultimately, it is the design and packaging of the rice bag that convinces the customer which brands to choose. For this reason, it is necessary for distributors to pay special attention to the design and packaging of the bag. The attractiveness of the design on the bag, the expressiveness, and appropriateness of the writing and text of the rice bag, the material of the bag, and the packaging structure of the bag are the influential factors that need to be spent enough time and money so you need to set aside enough budget for packaging.

  بسته بندی برنج با کیسه برنج صنعتی

These factors along with other cases caused graphic companies, advertising companies, and, of course, designers to find an important place in this industry, and the design and packaging of rice bags became a vital point in the supply chain of this high-consumption product, which of course it's truly well-deserved.
The right kind of packaging and design helps the customer to find the best option among the brands and products they want easily in this turbulent market. Therefore, in addition to quality, price, and marketing, organizations need to have a well-designed program for effective design and packaging.

Last but not least, make sure that packaging is in harmony with the company’s values, mottos, mission, and whatever is shown and diffused to market and consumers’ groups.

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