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If you are a marketer or a professional sales manager, or you are just at the beginning of the way to becoming one of them, first, you need to follow the simple tips that are very effective at the same time. One of the most basic tools of a successful marketer is his business card. Business cards are one of the main marketing tools that have proven their usefulness over time.

Using an ideal business card in social and business relationships is very efficient and effective. Despite the fact that business cards capture a small space within your pocket or on your professional desk, they represent you and your organizational identity or your business in an indirect and ingenious way. Choosing the right type of paper, color, font, design, and size will unconsciously have a strong and desirable effect on your audience.

Having a well-produced business card with a unique and impressive design, that cleverly connects your business and the card's production along with the dignity of its design, allows your customers to make decisions on where is the best place to purchase their products. 

In this article, we have reviewed and described the basic useful points that will help you to order a well-deserved business card.


1. Use an image that uses your work, product, and company

2. Make sure your business card has the necessary charms to attract and persuade the customer

3. Use a variety of colors

4. Use pictures that arouse people's curiosity

5. Cards that do not use plastic materials. From color cards and cards that have unusual designs, this way you will forget the cards that remain in the mind of the viewer and later.

6. Visualize your card on different sites. You can design your card in such a way that only the product you want to sell can be designed.

7. Design your business card vertically because the vertical business card is slightly different from the normal horizontal position; do it just to make sure your business card gets more attention.

8. Double and triple business cards can act as a catalog

9. Design business cards with different designs. This way, people in your business card collection will have more cards than you

10. You need to make sure that your card has the necessary methods and ways to communicate with people, such as company name, address, contact number, fax, website address, and also email address. Do not forget that having your own name is as important as the company name on the business card

11. Do not worry about the cost you have to pay for the business card. You can make more money later by spending a little more money printing your business card. Having a good business card with a high number of people who will contact you also increases, as a result, the sales of your product will also increase.

12. Make sure the business card you are designing describes your brand well

13. Try to summarize the general details and be readable and understandable in one line. Avoid writing long texts. Do not forget that a business card is different from a brochure or advertising tract, so the shorter it is, the more tangible it is for the audience.

14. Do not choose text that people will not be able to understand as it may cause you to lose some of your customers.

15. Do not use business cards that contain old contact information, postal address, etc. because it makes you look unprofessional and unprofessional.

16. Try to use short texts and phrases instead of long ones. Long and long writings reduce a person's interest in reading

17. The back of your card should contain essential points about your type of activity and service. This will make people remember you better and sooner

18. The best way to see if your business card is a memorable business card is to place your business card among a large number of other cards and hang them on a board, then look at them. If your card catches your eye at first glance, make sure it is a good business card; But if this does not happen, you know you made a mistake in one part of the job

19. When giving your business card to your customers, ask them to give you their card as well. This way you can connect with them so you can be sure that you have expanded your work and occupation to a large extent.

There are lots and lots of these subtle and precise points that are needed to design a simple business card so that its performance can be accepted and its highest effect on the audience. This is the reason why many professionals entrust their business card design work to the best designers whose job is to design business cards.
Toorang Company not only has the highest quality in printing and producing business cards but also with the cooperation of the most experienced designers, intends to prepare the best type of business card for both its professional customers and those who are on the path to becoming professionals

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